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The FilterCradle™ was born in the waters of Northern Michigan and designed to fill a void within the irrigation industry. These units are rugged enough to withstand years of use, includes a ballast tray, collars for staking options, and tipped skis for ease of installation. We have invested years designing and engineering the FilterCradle™ to meet the contractor’s needs, and a multitude of situations and filters.


FilterCradle Solutions

Our FilterCradle™ is simply the best lake filter support system available. These “Contractor Tough” lake filter stands can be used in ponds, streams, rivers, and lakes. FilterCradles™ are easy to install and complete a lake system.

The TR2 FilterCradle™ supports filters, screens, and submersible pumps above the lake bottom, virtually eliminating those dreaded service calls for filters clogged with mud and debris. The TR2 is available in powder coated steel or aluminum.

A FilterCradle™ lake filter support system is compatible with several types of filters and screens, it can be used free-standing or beneath a dock. T-posts are recommended with rough water applications. Concrete blocks can also be added to the tray in extreme conditions. A styrofoam marker is included.

Skis are included on the TR2 FilterCradle™. Skis work extremely well for moving the cradle and filter across lake or pond bottoms. The pump intake pipe can be used to guide or retrieve the unit. Skis allow for the intake pipe, filter, and cradle to be installed and retrieved without lifting. Simply hook the cradle with the T-post and slide to destination.

It’s Easy! Protect your system with a FilterCradle!