FilterCradle FAQ

What kinds of filters will the FilterCradle support?

The TR2 cradle will support the majority of all residential and light commercial filters. Using the LFBracket it will support most 'bucket-sized' filters. The TR2 is shipped with a clamp to retain the intake pipe to the cradle and a zip cable for the filter. Listed below are a few of the filters that have been used with the TR2:

  • Mesh filters-vinyl/copper - TR2
  • Big Foot filters-40gal - TR2
  • Big Foot filters-80gal - TR2 with LFBracket
  • Slotted well points - TR2
  • Sure-Flo filters - TR2 and TR2 with LF Bracket
  • Kleen-Flo filters - TR2 with LFBracket
  • Algae Queen filters - TR2 with LFBracket
  • Vu-Flow Basket strainer - TR2
  • Various others - *optional T-posts for rough water

Should these units be removed during the winter in northern climates?

Yes. Removal of cradle, intake pipe, and filter is recommended in climates that freezing and ice damage can occur.

Can an existing lake system be retrofitted with the FilterCradle?

Yes. Installing the FilterCradle on an existing system is a snap. Clamp the existing filter on a cradle and slide to destination.

How deep does the water have to be to use the FilterCradle?

Recommended minimum depths can vary on filter type, sprinkler system requirements, and water conditions.

  • TR2 - 20"min. water depth
  • L2 - 12"min. water depth
  • S80 - 30"min. water depth
  • TR2-AG - 36"min. water depth

What options are built into the TR2?

The TR2 has expandable cradle tabs – capable of supporting pipes, submersible pumps, and filters from 1"-6"diameter. It has collars to accept T-posts or ¾"rebar and includes an 8"x32"weight tray capable of holding two concrete blocks. Tipped skis allow for easy installation without lifting.

Will this interfere with my dock?

No. This unit can be placed under your dock or completely removed from the dock area. It allows the sprinkler system to operate safely, securing the filter without the need for a dock. Cradles eliminate the need for the sprinkler system to be at the mercy of dock installation and removal.

How do I secure the filter and cradle in the lake?

You have a couple options. If the lake or pond is relatively calm – just slide the unit to its location. If the lake, pond, river, or stream is fairly active and wavy – use a T-post kit or place weight in the tray. For extremely rough water – install T-posts and weight the tray. Always attach the fluorescent styrofoam marker for safety. Caution: Rebar stake substitution for T-posts is not recommended. It is not as safe as a T-post and is more difficult to remove.

Can the TR2 be used to support submersible well pump applications?

Yes. The TR2 is manufactured to accept pumps. It has laser notches that allow the stand to be altered to angle the pump if desired. The top cradle tabs can also be adjusted to accept a 4" or 5" circulation tube. Caution: Submersible pumps are manufactured to operate vertically. However, several irrigation installations require the pump to be installed horizontally or on a slight angle.

My lake bottom is extremely soft and weedy, my filter lays on or near the bottom. Will this help my situation?

Yes. The TR2 suspends the filter approximately 12" above the lake bottom. This practice reduces major issues caused when filters lay buried in mud and debris. The TR2 has also been engineered to help with unique situations. Also, there are additional holes on the unit to fasten a wire mesh screen or to back flush water or air.

There are so many lake filters on the market. Which one should I use?

The fact is, there are several quality filters on the market. Most of them work very well for their intended purpose. However, very few, if any, work well when submerged in mud, debris, leaves, and various other material that exists on the lake bottom. Securing a filter on a FilterCradle will greatly improve filter performance and reduce system troubles.